Mr Jim Turpin has worked in building maintenance and restoration since 1970. He worked as an apprentice carpenter, plumber, electrician and earned a welding certification. I then became a Master Service Tech in 1995, being number 480 in the United States to earn that title.

After retiring at 50, I became a Professional Home Inspector in my state of INDIANA, scoring 495 out of 500 on my state

  We complete home inspections for several vendors and for mortgage companies. We also perform Insurance loss draft inspections, bankruptcy, occupancy, REO inspections.

  We are doing maintenance for vacant properties which includes; winterizations, lock changes, boarding, lawn mowing, trash outs, tarping roofs, snow removal, re-roofing and roof repairs. We remediate mold, bleach wash and kilz seal walls. Small electrical repairs, cap gas lines, seal dryer vents, perform monthly and initial cleans. We perform thaws, pump outs, sump pump installs, door replacement, window replacement, garage door replacement and more.

  We have the tools, equipment and skill to complete most repairs on your home or rental unit. We do pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, evictions and officer assistance.

Inspection and Maintenance Coverage Indiana Counties

  • Porter County
  • Laporte County
  • Starke County
  • Newton County
  • Jasper County
  • Pulaski County
  • Southern Lake County

If the need arises we will travel outside these counties on request and additional cost


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